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Kai Patterson's Deadbeat and Fugitive Recovery Network

Kai Paterson created Bounty Alert to aid in the recovery of noncustodial parents with child support arrest warrants and fugitives on-the-run.  Using the knowledge that enabled Kai Patterson to create technology to aid in the recovery of missing children, Bounty Alert disseminates alerts to the general public through mobile phone and internet applications.  The alerts contain fugitives' photographs and identity information.  The mobile phone alerts can be received on any mobile phones with internet access.

Bounty Alert has a 24-hour call center to receive confidential tips to assist in the apprehension of fugitives.  Bounty Alert also provides the services for the Custodial Support Foundation to assist custodial parents in collecting child support.  These services include providing private investigation services to locate noncustodial parents who owe child support arrears and their assets.  Bounty Alert was created for custodial parents, law enforcement agencies, bail agents and attorneys.

NOBLE Youth Award

To develop Bounty Alert, Kai Patterson worked with members of the U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security, FBI, Fugitive Recovery Agents, and Lawyers to ensure that Bounty Alert could service every level of law enforcement and the U.S. court system.  Kai Patterson received an award from NOBLE for Bounty Alert and has worked with many of the organization's members to ensure Bounty Alert could assist the entire law enforcement community as a whole.

The Benefits Of Kai Patterson's Bounty Alert Network

Bounty Alert enables anyone to receive alerts when a deadbeat parent with an arrest warrant or a fugitive's profile is loaded into the Bounty Alert database.  Bounty Alert also provides:

  • Investigation Services - Locates Noncustodial Parents and their Assets

  • Legal Services - Court Orders to Enforce Child Support Orders to Collect Arrears

  • Collections - Collections, Seizures and Liquidation of Noncustodial Parent's Assets

  • Payments - Collection Agency Pays Child Support Enforcement Arrears

  • Refunds - Collection Agency Refunds Custodial Parents All Expenses and Fees

  • Fugitive Searches – Wireless Phone and Computer Searches to Locate Fugitives

  • Fugitive Alerts - Automatically Sends Profiles to Subscribers Phones to Locate Fugitives

  • 24-Hour Call Center – Enables Callers to Provide Anonymous Tips and Receive Rewards

  • Rewards - Paid Anonymously at More than 44,000 Western Union Locations

Computer and Mobile Phone Fugitive Searches and Alerts

Kai Patterson's Inspiration After Becoming A Victim Of Crime

Kai Patterson was an only child until the age of 12, and was raised by a single parent mother in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey.  Because his father never paid child support, his mother struggled financially and was forced to live in the rent subsidized Douglas and Harrison Apartments.  He attended Quitman Street School; a public school that was located in center of several low income housing projects, which were known as Stella Wright, Scudder Homes, Hayes Homes, Hill Manor, Brick Towers, and the Douglas and Harrison Apartments.  These projects were the breading grounds for several gangs, crime, drug addicts, violence and a continued cycle of poverty.

At the age of 6, while waiting to be picked up by a babysitter, Kai Patterson was brutally beaten by 8 kids between the ages of 8 and 13 years old, in front of Quitman Street School, where he attended.  "I was kicked, stomped as well as beaten, and lost track of time because I fell in and out of consciousness.  "A passing man chased the boys away, revived me and escorted me home".  I did not realize the seriousness of the beating until the next morning when I woke up, but could not walk and saw a pool of blood in the bed". Kai Patterson's beating caused him to suffer internal bleeding and he was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital where he underwent surgery that saved his life.

"Growing up in Newark, New Jersey was no picnic as an only child with no brothers".  We lived in apartments that were across from the Stella Wright housing projects.  "My mother would send me to the A&P on Spruce Street in Newark, where the local gangs hung out".  "I never told her that many times I had to run from gangs to prevent from being robbed and beaten, until I was attacked by a teenage boy" two days after my 8th birthday. "He dragged me into a Douglas & Harrison apartment unit basement with a knife and robbed me". 

"After numerous fights and several emergency room visits, I got tough and became more concerned with survival than getting an education".  "When I was 11 years old, I went to the A&P on Spruce Street, while I was in the frozen food isle, five men entered the store with shotguns".  "I immediately jumped in the frozen food bin and hid while the men robbed the store".  "I remember when a teenage girl was abducted, taken to the roof of a Scudder Homes Apartment building, sexually molested and thrown from the roof of the building".  "Once a man tried to grab me behind the Douglas & Harrison Apartments when I was 9 years old, but I was able to get away".  "Less than a week later, a 10 year old boy was found tied, gagged and molested in the basement of the Douglas & Harrison Apartments".  "These incidents along with the disappearance of my secretary's son later in life inspired me to create technology to assist law enforcement agencies against crime".

"Most of my family members, and friends are in law enforcement".  My mother married a Newark Police Officer, who later retired at the rank of captain.  "Although they got divorced by the time I was 15, he moved us out of the Central Ward of Newark to Carmel Towers, which was located in a better area at the time in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey near Weequahic Park".  Today, Carmel Towers houses many gang members, but has lost its Section 8 subsidy, which will require low income tenants to move. 

"My life is so different now after getting a college education, serving as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and moving to Bergen County, New Jersey".  "My experiences have motivated me to create programs and technology to help others".  "In 2011 while I was visiting a police officer's home in Newark, I was almost carjacked while the officer with sitting in my car helping me with Bounty Alert's design".  "He drew his 9 millimeter handgun and the perpetrators fled".

Stella Wright Apartments 

Quitman St. School

Douglas & Harrison

Scudder Homes

Carmel Towers

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