NEW YORK'S HOMETOWN  NEWSPAPER   Sunday; October 17, 1993



Is the NFL about to enter a new era? When a player gets cut, will he be told: Coach wants to see you and bring your laptop computer?


Kai Patterson, the president of KDP Digital in North Brunswick, N.J., has developed “Game Prep,” a system that replaces the conventional playbook in looseleaf binders with laptop computers.  It allows coaches to input game plans and scouting reports, complete with the schematic diagrams, from a main menu, with the information transferred to discs for the players


Patterson met in August with Giants computer coordinator Jon Berger to pitch the idea, and hopes to meet again during the bye week.  “Coaches will like this,” Patterson Said.  “It alleviates the responsibility of having to produce a playbook.  The players can call in and download the information or it can be handed to them.”


Patterson said coaches can put together the game plan by scrolling through plays already inputted into the system instead of the time-consuming task of producing playbooks.


Berger said the concept is “extremely realistic, a great idea.” How would the players adjust to carrying around a computer instead of a playbook?  “The current player has grown up with computers,” Berger said.  “It’s more fun to hit a few keys and see the plays than turn the pages of a book.”