Vol. XII, No. 17 - Page 33

November 15, 1993




Computerized Playbooks


 The Giants have been approached by Kai Patterson, the president of KDP Digital in North Brunswick, N.J., about switching from conventional playbooks to a computerized playbook.

Patterson calls his product “Game Prep.”  Coaches can input game plans, scouting reports and diagrams into the computer.


Giant computer coordinator Jon Berger took a look at the product recently.

“Instead of carrying around a three-ring binder, everybody will be carrying a laptop computer,” Berger said.


Of course the coaches and front office will have to be sold on the idea.  The initial expense will be a hefty one, but in the long run, the computers should provide ample savings on paper costs and coaches’ time.


“If it does save coaches several hours on a Monday or Tuesday, then it is worth it,” Berger said.