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Season 1: What You Didn't Know About Child Support

The Custodial Support Forum was created by Kai Patterson to educate custodial parents owed child support, and provide noncustodial parents with child support related problems, with the resources available to resolve their issues.  Each episode of the Custodial Support Forum tackles one of the many problems that has enabled the more than 37.5 million custodial parents to not receive adequate child support.

Episode 9: Collecting Child Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

Episode 9 of the Custodial Support Forum is dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which was created more than 25 years ago, in 1987.  The Custodial Support Foundation donates services to victims of domestic violence, who are owed child support. 

Part 1 of the Episode 9, exposes the problem of domestic violence in the U.S., and the challenges of collecting child support from an offender.  Susan De Jackmo, Assistant Director of the Bergen County Department of Human Services, Division of Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) explains the cycles of violence, and how intimidation is the first act of domestic violence, not physical action.  Service: Collection Program

Part 2 of Episode 9, provides solutions for victims of domestic violence, to receive child support, and The Custodial Support Foundation makes a donation to the Alternatives to Domestic Violence, which was accepted by the Department of Human Services. 

Episode 7: Services to Assist Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears

Episode 7 of the Custodial Support Forum provides insight into what many would say is a flaw in the Child Support Enforcement system within America, when a Noncustodial Parent loses their job and is unable to pay their child support.  Service: Amnesty Program

In Part 1 of Episode 7, a Noncustodial Parent discloses how the court denied the opportunity to reduce his child support obligation after losing his job.  The continued obligation led to an accumulation of arrears, which triggered an arrest warrant, and child support judgment on his credit report.  Never having a prior criminal record, he never received notice of the arrest warrant, and he was arrested. 

In Part 2 of Episode 7, Attorney Alexandra Stremler discusses how important it is to retain the services of an attorney to assist in their child support related problems.

Episode 6: Apprehending Noncustodial Parents with Child Support Warrants


Part 1 of Episode 6 addresses issues related to the frustrations felt by custodial parents, when warrants for the nonpayment of child support have been issued against noncustodial parents of their children, and the arrest never takes place.  Child Support Advocate and Custodial Parent Antoinette Dismukes, describes how the noncustodial parent of her child was issued an arrest warrant for the nonpayment of child support, but was not apprehended even after she called and told the police of his location. Service: Apprehension Service

In Part 2 of Episode 6, Fugitive Recovery Agent Karl Ryans and Attorney Alexandra Stremler provide information to help custodial parents contract the services of fugitive recovery agencies to assist in the apprehension of noncustodial parents with child support warrants.

Episode 5: Noncustodial Parents Receiving Help to Avoid Paying Child Support

Part 1 of Episode 5 provides viewers with examples of how employers, family members and friends of noncustodial parents will help them avoid paying child support by Antoinette Dismukes and Attorney Alexandra Stremler.  John Monderine, who is the President of the collection agency that services the Custodial Support Foundation's clients, also provides examples of experiencing how employers and family members have attempted to hide noncustodial parent's income and assets.   Service:  Investigative Services

In Part 2 of Episode 5, Attorney Samuel Fields, of the collection agency for the Custodial Support Foundation joins the Founder Kai Patterson, Attorney Alex Stremler and Attorney Benjamin Kelsen to provide solutions to deal with individuals who help noncustodial parents not pay child support.

Episode 4: Collecting Arrears Once an Enforcement Order is Obtained

This episode assist custodial parents that have Child Support Enforcement Orders with levying, seizing and liquidating the assets of noncustodial parents to pay their arrears, with the support of a collection agency.  Service: Collection Program

In Part 1 of Episode 4, Host Kai Patterson introduces President John Monderine of the Rapid Recovery Solutions Collection Agency to discuss what is needed in a Child Support Enforcement Order through a collection agency.

In Part 2 of Episode 4, Host Kai Patterson introduces Collection Attorney Samuel Fields of the Rapid Recovery Solutions Collection to discuss the terms needed in a Child Support Enforcement Order to effectively collect through a collection agency.

Episode 3: Obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order to Collect Your Arrears

This episode assists the more than 12.5 million parents with Child Support Orders, and who are owed child support arrears with obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order. 

In Part 1 of Episode 3, Host Kai Patterson, Family Law Attorney Alexandra Stremler, Custodial Parent Antoinette Dismukes and Former Criminal Investigator Diane Hernandez discuss the tricks, and schemes noncustodial parents use to avoid paying child support, thus limiting the Office of Child Support Enforcement's ability to enforce a Child Support Order.

In Part 2 of Episode 3, Attorney Benjamin Kelsen provides step-by-step instructions for obtaining an effective Child Support Enforcement Order.  Service: Collection Program

Episode 2: Filing to Obtain a Child Support Order

This episode provides instructions to assist the more than 25 million custodial parents that are not receiving adequate child support, in filing to obtain a Child Support Order. 

In Part 1 of Episode 2, Host Kai Patterson introduces Family Law Attorney Alexandra Stremler to discuss with Custodial Parent Antoinette Dismukes and Former Criminal Investigator Diane Hernandez, why custodial parents have not file to receive a child support order.  Service: Filing Program

In Part 2 of Episode 2, Attorney Benjamin Kelsen provides a workshop that teaches custodial and noncustodial parents how to calculate how much child support they should be receiving or paying. Kai Patterson provides viewers with the URL to locate American filing locations.

Episode 1: The Problems of Collecting Child Support in America

This episode provides viewers insight into the immense problem of child support within America, and the guests discuss some of the many causes for the child support problem within America.  Service:  Investigative Services
In Part 1 of Episode 1, Host Kai Patterson discusses the problems that custodial and noncustodial parents face when trying to collect or pay child support with Custodial Parent Antoinette Dismukes, who is owed more than $62,000 in child support arrears, and Geneva Ortiz, who was once owed child support.

In Part 2 of Episode 1, Attorney Benjamin Kelsen provides Host Kai Patterson with solutions for problems presented in Part 1.  Attorney Kelsen suggests custodial parents owed child support arrears should seek a Child Support Enforcement Order.

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