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Kai D. Patterson's Child Support Initiative

Kai Paterson is no stranger to the child support problem in America.  He was raised by a single custodial parent mother in Newark, New Jersey who never received child support from his father. 

Project Child Support and the Custodial Support Foundation were created by Kai Patterson in honor of his mother, Brenda Patterson West, to assist custodial and noncustodial parents with child support problems.  Project Child Support provides collection assistance services for custodial parents and payment assistance services for noncustodial parents.

Long before the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992, Kai Patterson's mother Brenda Patterson, who later married and became Brenda West, struggled to make ends meet without any child support from Kai Patterson's father.

Like so many irresponsible fathers, Kai Patterson's "deadbeat father" initially denied the paternity of his son to Kai Patterson's mother to prevent paying child support.  Kai's grandparents who acknowledge Kai identically favored their son, forced their son to accept Kai as his child, as well as their grandson.

See Testimonials: Custodial Parent & Noncustodial Parent

Brenda Patterson West 1941 - 2007

Child Support Mobile Assistance Center

Project Child Support has launched America's first Child Support Mobile Assistance Center (MAC), which provides services to assist both custodial and noncustodial parents.  The MAC is staffed with investigators, 

More than 37.5 million custodial parents are not receiving adequate child support in American, although 75% of the noncustodial parents can afford to provide adequate child support, but do not.

Too many noncustodial parents are also denied modifications to their child support obligations when they lose their jobs, which results in arrest warrants being issued and child support judgments being entered on their credit report.  These actions prevent upstanding noncustodial parents, who never owed child support arrears prior to losing their jobs, from being hired by employers.

Bounty Alert, Inc. provides investigative, collections and apprehension services for custodial and noncustodial parents to collect unpaid child support arrears and is a sponsor of the Custodial Support Foundation.

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Weekly Talk Show to Assist Parents with Child Support Problems

Airs on Cablevision, Saturday 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are an estimated 37.5 million custodial parents owed child support, of which 12.5 have child support orders to receive support through structured payments by noncustodial parents through their state child support enforcement agency.

Child support arrears exceeded $100 billion in 2011 for the 12.5 million custodial parents with child support orders, and the arrears are unknown for the 25 million custodial parent without child support orders.  These statistics makes child support one of the largest problems in America.

Episodes of Season 1

To assist custodial and noncustodial parents, Kai Patterson created the Custodial Support Forum weekly talk show, which airs on Cablevision and is available on the internet (YouTube & CNN's iReport)

The Custodial Support Forum is a Weekly Talk Show to educate custodial parents owed child support and provide noncustodial parents with child support related problems, with the resources available to resolve their issues.

Custodial Support Foundation:  CNN's Article About Kai Patterson's Custodial Support Foundation to Recognize the Child Support Problem in America and His Child Support Collection Initiative.

Custodial Support Foundation:  Topix's Article with Kai Patterson's Photograph about the Custodial Support Foundation to Recognize the His Child Support Collection Initiative.

Child support arrears exceeded $100 billion in 2011 for the 12.5 million custodial parents with child support orders, and the arrears are unknown for the 25 million custodial parent without child support orders.  These statistics makes child support one of the largest problems in America. 

Child Support Collection Programs Created by Kai Patterson

To assist custodial parents owed child support, Kai Patterson created the nation's most comprehensive, as well as affordable child support initiative through Bounty Alert.

Filing Program and Collection Program Services

The initiative offers a free Filing Program to assist the  more then 25 million custodial parents in filing to receive a child support order through their regional child support collection agency.

For Custodial Parents also offers comprehensive Collection Program to assist the 12.5 million custodial parents with child support orders that are owed arrears, and the noncustodial parents have the income or assets to pay the arrears.

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Amnesty Program Services for Noncustodial Parents

1. Noncustodial parents agree to an easy payment plan to repay all arrears, and have a consent order filed to enable the court to:

● Vacate Child Support Warrants

● Reinstate Licenses

● Reinstate Passports

● Stop Income Tax Withholdings

2. Agreements are established and a certification is prepared for the court to accept the motion for repayment or modifications of child support obligations.

Amnesty Program Client

3. Noncustodial parents provide all of the necessary information to enable the Office of Child Support Enforcement to garnish all future child support payment to prevent the accumulation of additional arrears.  See: Client Testimonial

Assisting Unemployed and Disabled Custodial Parents

To enable donors to support custodial parents that are unemployed or disabled, and receive a tax benefit, Bounty Alert's initiative is nonprofit program of the Trust Counselors Network that receives donations.  Each donation goes directly to providing a custodial parent with the Collection Program who is unemployed or determined to be disabled at no cost.

Kai Patterson has developed the Custodial Support Advocate Program to enable individuals that want to make a difference to assist custodial parents in receiving the foundation's child support assistance services.  Advocates receive a commission for each custodial parent that acquires the Collection Program through their assistance and can develop their own business helping children receive child support.

A 501(c)(3) Foundation of the
Trust Counselors Network

Get More Than What Others Pay Thousands To Receive For $1 Per Day

To provide a child support collection program to assist millions of custodial parents, Kai Patterson created a cost effective model that enables custodial parents to make 13 payments of $30, plus $10 shipping of their documents to obtain a court order, which enables noncustodial parent's assets to be seized and liquidated to satisfy their child support arrears.

"I created the program to enable a hard working single parent to easily afford receiving what could cost more than $15,000 in fees from other private investigation services, attorneys and collection agencies", says Kai Patterson.

To enable custodial parents to receive services that would cost thousands of dollars, the program prepares the necessary court documents to require noncustodial parents to reimburse custodial parents for any initial fees, Bounty Alert for all of its servicing fees and the Collection Agency for its collection fees.

The Collection Program was created not take any portion of a parent's child support as payment to ensure all children get the support they deserve.  "I believe the noncustodial parents should be responsible for paying the fees to prevent custodial losing any portion of their child support".

Child Support Collections

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