Kai D. Patterson
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Awards and Endorsements


Endorsement in 1992:  Recommendation letter for Kai Patterson to the Line Security Applications Development Group for his performance as a Senior Software Engineering Consultant on AT&T's MDSS, CAMS, and Lex Matrix projects.  The endorsement led to Kai Patterson designing the Network Communications Manager ("NCOM"), which is AT&T's Fraud Detection Network System for Line Security Applications also known as "LSA", which managed calling card, bill to third party, collect and mobile phone fraud.

Endorsement in 1994: Letter by NFL's Director of Player Programs to endorse Kai Patterson's NFL Computerized Playbook, and Game Analysis System, which was the first system to integrate, statistics, diagrams, tendencies and video to evaluate video by "down & distance" against opponent's schemes, formations, blitzes, blitz pickups, blocking schemes, patterns, and plays.

Endorsement in 1996: Letter by Gene Washington to to endorse Kai Patterson's National Football League version of Game Prep to integrate video, images, and data associated fines, penalties and on-field misconducts.   In addition to the NFL receiving and approving their version of Game Prep for the league office, the NFL endorsed Kai Patterson's system to NFL teams.

Commendation in 2008:  Kai Patterson receives a commendation from Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire for the creation of the AMBER Ready Program to assist in the dissemination of timely AMBER Alert and the opening of a safety center to enable parents to acquire the AMBER Ready Program.  Also: Click Here to See the Letter of Commendation. 

Endorsement in 2009: Kai Patterson's AMBER Ready Program receive the endorsement of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), and replaces FLEOA's ink Fingerprinting Child ID Program with the AMBER Ready Program.

Endorsement in 2009:  Kai Patterson's AMBER Ready Program receive the endorsement of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), and provides the AMBER Ready Program through NOBLE to protect children.

Plaque in 2010:  Kai Patterson receives a plaque from NOBLE for his support in the 2009 NOBLE Youth Scholarship Program and a plaque from NOBLE Youth for his support with Bounty Alert for the NOBLE Youth Conference. 

Honor Award in 2012:  Kai Patterson received a citation award from the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa for his life achievements and his services for his community service, by establishing the Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert. 


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